Beading Creative Spirit Book

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 Beading The Creative Spirit by Wendy Ellsworth. This book by internationally recognized professional bead artist Wendy Ellsworth invites readers on a spiritual pilgrimage into the kaleidoscope world of glass and color. Believing that beading is a form of meditation through which we can access the Creative Spirit that is always present in us, Ellsworth offers multiple ways to explore beading as a spiritual journey of self-discovery. Each of the seven chapters is rich with personal stories, exercises, and beading projects, and each project has a meditative experience to encourage a contemplative spirit and creative play. The project results are beautiful and meaningful, designed by a master bead artist for both novice and experienced beaders alike. Projects include: Geometric Mandala, Beaded Prayer Pouch, Chakra Flowers, Free-Form Gourd Stitch Bracelet, Dutch Spiral Necklace, Spiral Vessel and more. Softcover, 224 pages, measures 7 x 9