Do you have a Bead Addiction ? How do you know?

Do you have a bead addiction ?  We do !  We would love to know how you determine if you have a bead addiction what are your symptoms? How do you treat the addiction? Is it a serious addiction? What  are the benefits of the addiction. Is their a cure, do you want to treat your addiction?  We would love to hear all about your Bead Addiction 

What do you think about Tulip Needles

Bead Addiction  a really fun creative relaxing bead store located in Walpole Ma offering New England one of the largest beading and jewelry making supply stores around has now gone online.  We will be trying to blog and offer you helpful advice. We  hope you will help share our new store address  We can be found on Linkedin Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Like our page follow us we will try really hard to update you on sales and specials .  You can check out our new store.  It looks good and works well and we will continue to add product so you will have more great beading choices.  This week we have been talking about Tulip needles.  I have been reading about them and customers have been asking for them but up until this week I have never used a Tulip needle.  One of my instructors Marsha Johnson just raves about them.  Well I opened a few packages the other day and I was happily surprised at how fantastic these needles really are.  I have a tendency to really destroy a needle, I consider them a throw away item.  I know some people say how? I don't know I'm just really rough they look all bent and squished up in a very short time.  So out comes the needle and I'm expecting that after I use the needle its going to look like my normal needle. Much to my surprise it looked fine and to add to the quality of the product the one I opened came with a little glass tube with a cork top for storage . No more sitting on it or finding sticking out of my foot.  I give these needles a A Absolutely everything good that's said about them is true. Following is a few links where you can read Beadworks review 

Beading Daily

So lets see what the average beader has to say about these needles